What happens when an older supermodel shows off her bod

Dear Dad,

Have you seen Cindy Crawford’s latest photoshoot (click the link to admire)? She looks great! The 48-year-old supermodel posed unretouched in lingerie, and I am completely in love with the shot.

Her stomach is not tight. It shows some wrinkles and her thighs are wiggly too. But that’s part of why I love this photo so much. It reminds me of many of the women in my life who are beautiful and shining and age just makes them more radiant, like Mom.

Unfortunately, I found out about this shoot from a Twitter user who was shocked(!) that Cindy Crawford’s looked like someone who is nearly 50. In fact, he argued that her body was not as “amazing” as it should be for someone who “was one of the MOST beautiful women in the world.” He “expected more.”

It’s a tragic example of how harmful our society’s portrayal of women is. We’re so retouched and judged for our looks that when a woman reveals her natural body, people react by shaming it, insulting it, and saying how disappointed they are.

I, for one, love this photo. It serves as a reminder that women are beautiful at any age. And I hope those who see the photo get the message that tummy pooches, soft thighs and wrinkles are not something to be ashamed of.

Age is beautiful.



2 thoughts on “What happens when an older supermodel shows off her bod

  1. Many years ago when my (beautiful) daughter moaned about not looking like Cindy Crawford, I said, “She’s just a girl from DeKalb.” (We lived in DeKalb for a while.) Cindy looks very ordinary now, in the best possible way. I don’t think she needs to be praised or shamed. In general, the less we comment on women’s (or men’s) bodies, the better. She’s just a girl from DeKalb, after all.

    • I completely agree! I think we need a healthy balance in an appreciation of people’s looks, understanding how bodies look realistically, but then focusing on them as a whole person, taking into account their mind, their achievements, their background. You sound like a very wise mom.

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