On mistakes and growing from it

Dear Dad,

I’ve been thinking a lot about growing, and making mistakes. Do you remember how much of a perfectionist I was as a child? How much I wanted to please others? I remember the first time I got a B+ on a math test in sixth grade; I was crushed.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve struggled to learn that mistakes are part of growing up. Sometimes, you have to take your lumps to learn a lesson. Sometimes, mistakes permit a breakthrough greater than you could have imagined. I found this TED talk very encouraging. It helped me focus on not being afraid to fail:

With this blog, that’s always been a part of my approach, as well. I’m aware that this is the phase in my life where I separate from my parents and define myself. I’m trying to do that as gracefully as possible, but also, separation hurts. It’s a tearing of our bonds so that they become something new.

I’ve hoped our letters could give us a chance to define that separation and feel out the bounds of our new relationship. I delight in our conversations. I’m sorry when I hurt you.

I hope in my life, as well, I continue to grow and reevaluate my goals, ideas, perceptions and beliefs. I look forward to the future.

I love you,


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