On Zoe Saldana

Dear Dad,

Today, I was browsing the ol’ Facebook and a friend of mine had posted a hilarious link to a Funny Or Die article about Zoe Saldana being typecast in roles where she has a weird skin color (please tell my you’ve seen her as the green Gamora in “Guardians of the Galaxy” by now?). I clicked on it, and was not disappointed. I’d actually buy tickets to see Aunt Jaundice or Pepto Abysmal.

Then, I went back to Facebook and discovered that the site had recommended three related articles: Zoe Saldana “bares all in Women’s Health UK,” Zoe Saldana’s “bangin’ curves” with the caption “And me likey,” and some article about her covering a “baby bump” by wearing black.

I was pretty disgusted.

Here we are, talking about a fabulously talented, intelligent actress. An article made a joke about how she’s played a blue woman and a green woman, and the only suggestions I get are about her hot body and her ability to procreate? Pretty disgusting, and pretty typical of our attitude toward women, especially celebrities.

It seems everywhere I turn there are stories about pregnant actresses, or singers in bikinis (hot or not?) or celebrities showing some skin. Zoe Saldana plays an incredibly tough space renegade and all Facebook can recommend is that I check out her curves. Kim Kardashian releases a phenomenally successful game and journalists are still bringing up her sex tape, or mocking her choice of husband. Nicki Minaj releases a single with a racy cover and men are simultaneously admonishing her for the sake of the children and adding that they appreciate her “perfect posterior.”

Gross! Can’t we for once talk about these women’s professional successes without reducing them to sex objects?


Well, that’s upsetting.


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